Our Services

Shadow Lane Farm

English Riding Lessons

Please visit our Riding Lessons page for information on our lessons.

Fredericton Pony Club

We are proud to be the host farm for Fredericton Pony Club - for more information on this program, for children and young adults 6-25 years old, please visit www.frederictonponyclub.net.  Pony Club and riding lessons are different things - but they are designed to complement each other through education (physical and academic), as well as lots of social activities. We currently have 28 members and are very busy!

Summer Camps

​We host summer camps as part of Fredericton Pony Club's programming.  While these camps are intended for our Pony Club members, there are some spots available for non-members children to attend. Please explore the document entitled Pony Club Camp at the following location: http://www.frederictonponyclub.net/pony-club-camp.html for all the details, cost, etc. - spaces fill quickly, so if you want to register your child, don't wait! 

Testing Program 

We offer Equestrian Canada Rider Level testing (English Levels1-4, with jumping) at this time, however, and we offer Pony Club Testing to our Pony Club members. Pony Club is an internationally-recognized program that provides a high quality evaluation of both riding and stable management skills.  Please inquire for more information! 


We are not a commercial boarding facility, but we do, from time to time, take a boarder if the horse/owner are a good fit for our farm and family - please inquire for more information. We currently do not have any available stalls for boarders.

Horse Care and Safety Education

We work hard to provide high quality care for our horses, in a safe, healthy environment. If you or your child would like help learning how to care for or handle horses and ponies, we can teach you everything you need to know. 

Used Riding Apparel

If you are looking for quality riding gear at an affordable price, we have partnered with Hampton Riding Centre in Hampton, NB, to offer a great selection of children's and adult clothing for sale! Please visit www.hamptonridingcentre.ca for more information. 

Manure for sale!

We produce lots of pony (and horse) manure and we sell it at a very low cost to the general public. We bag it as we clean stalls, so it is available for sale by the feed bag.  Our manure bags contain poop, wood shavings/sawdust and some hay - everything is biodegradable. It is not composted, but will compost easily in your garden or compost pile. These are large bags (recycled feed bags) that are tied closed. We sell these bags for $5.00 each, and delivery is available in the Greater Fredericton Area for a small fee.