Shadow Lane Farm

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​My goal is to provide children and young adults with riding lessons and horse-related skills in a positive, safe atmosphere.

* please note: 

  • Riding lessons are available for riders 3 years old and up.
  • For the health and wellbeing of our horses, be aware that we cannot accommodate riders weighing more than 185 lbs or are taller than 5'10". Our horses are on the smaller side, as we teach primarily children. 
  • We don't do trail rides, birthday parties or pony rides.

What do riders need for equipment and insurance?

  • ASTM or SEI Approved Riding helmet (please, no bike or hockey helmets, etc.). Riders may use one of our helmets for the first few lessons but all riders should have their own if they plan to continue..
  • Boots with a heel (no sandals, sneakers, crocs, etc. are allowed by anyone while around my horses). Boots cannot have a zipper or buckle on the inside of the foot or leg – these will cause permanent scratches/damage to saddles (where the rider’s leg rubs against the saddle). SADDLES ARE VERY EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT – approximately $1500.00  (or more) to replace!
  • Family members and spectators are asked to wear protective footwear as well (at least a pair of sneakers – no open-toed footwear).
  • Fitted pants (yoga pants or other are fine – slim fit jeans will do the trick but can chafe legs.
  • Safety vests are encouraged but not required.
  • To see what proper riding attire looks like, please check out This isn’t a mandatory “uniform” but it does make the rider look professional in the sport.
  • Anyone who rides my horses MUST BE A MEMBER OF THE NEW BRUNSWICK EQUESTRIAN ASSOCIATION ( This ensures that you have adequate liability insurance. In case you weren’t aware (most people aren’t) – that unless you have this liability insurance, there is NO INSURANCE COVERING YOU if you get on a horse (for example, at a friend’s house, etc.) Please provide a printed or emailed copy of your membership information.

Safety requirements

  • Please park on Smith Road and walk up my driveway, as we are not a commercial property with lots of parking.  
  • Please respect my neighbours – they don’t like it when cars turn around in their driveways – you can drive to the top of the street and loop around to come back down.
  • Most people drop their children off for lessons. If you want to stay, you must not interfere with the lesson, including in the barn (patting/feeding horses, etc.) - we realize that they are beautiful and everyone loves to be close to them, but it means that we need to supervise more than just the rider to keep everyone safe!
  • There is NO WASHROOM in my barn – please plan accordingly!
  • Please leave your dogs, umbrellas and strollers at home – my horses are quiet but the less distractions, the safer they are. Thank you!
  • There is absolutely NO SMOKING or VAPING anywhere on the property – any parents/spectators who do not follow this rule will be asked to leave.


  • Lessons are booked by the hour – there are no ½ hour lessons. Your lesson time includes grooming, tacking up, cooling down and cleaning up horse/equipment. These are essential parts of horsemanship and all riders are required to participate in this part of the lesson. Your hour includes this horse care time.
  • ​Most riders are able to participate in a group lesson, with a helper. This allows them to learn the basics with someone at their side, while I teach the group. Private lessons are possible, but scheduling is limited as I have many group lessons on the go, so we need to work around those. 
  • I don’t have an indoor riding area, so lessons are dependent on weather (more lessons happen in spring, summer and fall – and if footing is good in riding ring, possibly through the winter).
  •  I currently have a combination of regular ride times for regular students, and flexible schedule options as well - we find a time that works for both of us, and this may change week to week (like you’d book a dentist appointment.)
  • Please note that I often have other lessons booked before and after yours – so please be on time for your lesson so you get your full hour. It’s not necessary to come earlier than our lesson start time.
  • If you need to cancel your lesson, it is greatly appreciated if you let me know at least 2 hours in advance - this allows me time to offer that lesson time to someone who might be waiting for a spot. Everyone has to cancel last-minute from time to time, but if you routinely reschedule lessons at the last minute, you will be asked to pay in advance, and will be billed for that time. 
  • I’m a school teacher/vice principal so I am available all summer, once school starts I am available after 5:00 pm and on weekends only.  ALWAYS check your email before you head to your lesson! My cell is 447-1763 and texts are great as well! 


My rate is $40.00/hr/rider for group lessons, which must be paid at the time of the lesson (or in advance). If you are requesting a private lesson, the rate is $60.00/hr. I accept cash and e-transfers. If I am travelling to your barn to teach, my rate is $80.00/hr/rider and depending on where you live, there may be additional cost for my travel time.

 My experience:

  • I have owned, ridden, trained and competed with my own horses for 40 years and have been an instructor in the Pony Club program off and on for the past 25 years. I’m a B2 level Pony Clubber.
  • ​I'm a National B Level Pony Club Examiner. 
  • I'm also an Equestrian Canada Certified English Instructor with Jumping Designation . I teach ENGLISH RIDING LESSONS ONLY.
  • Please check out my Certified Coach/Instructor Profile:​
  • I'm a certified Rookie Rider Instructor and an Equestrian Canada Rider Level Evaluator (English levels 1-4)
  • I operate the Fredericton Pony Club at my family farm (Shadow Lane Farm) – children must be 6 years old to join FPC, but can start riding lessons before 6 as long as they are insured.
  • I’m a public school teacher/administrator with 25+ years’ experience working with children.

My horses:

I use my own privately-owned horses and ponies for lessons. I own 7 horses/ponies, and most of them are regularly used for lessons. Depending on the skill level of the rider, they will use one of these horses. I have the final say as to which horse/pony will be used – much of this depends on suitability and the well-being of both horse and rider. (Often, people have a favorite animal and I try to accommodate this if I can!)

Where to buy riding equipment?

  • North Stream Farm Tack Shop (Charters Settlement)
  • Greenhawk Equestrian (Moncton and Saint John)
  • ShurGain Feeds and Needs (Exhibition grounds)
  • Used equipment is available at Hampton Riding Centre in Hampton, NB - great selection!
  • PLEASE NOTE: it is EXTREMELY important to get a properly fitted helmet – please purchase this with a PROFESSIONAL HELPING YOU FIT THE HELMET CORRECTLY.DO NOT BUY A USED RIDING HELMET!!! IT COULD BE DAMAGED.